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The ServSafe family of brands is positioned as the leading provider of development, education, training and benefits for career professionals in the restaurant industry and beyond. No matter your industry goals, ServSafe Brands will help you get there.

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Prioritize food and alcohol safety.

Provide safe, enjoyable experiences with the nation’s most trusted food safety and responsible alcohol training and certification. From food handling and allergen awareness to operations management and understanding unconscious bias, ServSafe is the ultimate restaurant safety resource.  



Train for every hospitality role.

The global hospitality industry turns to the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) for best-in-class training and education for all segments of hospitality. AHLEI elevates hospitality careers with industry-developed resources and certifications for every position.


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Advance skills and career pathways.

What if there was career development training that supported restaurant and hospitality workers from day one? With ServSuccess, there is. Carve out lasting career paths via online courses, skill and role-specific learning suites, and industry-recognized certifications.

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Access benefits that matter.

Isn’t it time restaurant and hospitality professionals had access to the tools they need to thrive outside of work? ServSafe Benefits subscriptions provide wellness benefits, deep discounts, career growth resources, and everything else that matters.


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Cover global food safety ground.

Experience world-class foodservice training and certification in a variety of languages. The ServSafe International program is based on global food safety standards and enables foodservice professionals to deliver top-quality dining experiences – regardless of location.

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